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Keeping My Head Up

As we actively engaging in coming up with an inclusive and sustainable community project, we have been going through lots of discussions and consultations to come up with a manageable budget. The whole process can be very tiresome and hectic. Sometimes one can be found in a dilemma that can be stressful. But again, this process has helped build my resilience and strengthen my understanding of community service. Through this process, I have come to learn the importance of networking and continuous consultation amongst one another which led to wider and deeper internalization of a common need and how to go about it. 

This process has resulted in bringing in expertise from different parts of the community to give advice where necessary. This has led to the creation of new relationships based on sharing ideas and knowledge on different topics. I have been able to siphon in most of the ideas that have been shared by the community members and am sure I will utilize them beyond the community project. 

Every time I feel exhausted, I remind myself why I Volunteer: to ignite hope and encourage resilience as I build mine, the importance of taking part in something bigger than myself which will help change lives in many years to come. This is the consolation that keeps me going and keeps my spirit of volunteerism alive.

I can confidently admit that this has been quite an experience for me, my patience has grown, and my ability to empathize and be ready to listen. With the ongoing project reviews,  I am sure that we’ll come up with a great community project and I’ll pick a lesson or two along the way.  I Am glad to be part of this development in the community. It has given me a sense of purpose. Looking forward to more experiences. Viva!

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