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My Journey with CorpsAfrica/Rwanda

On August 14th, I packed my bags and embarked on my journey to Amakuza Resort to participate in the training program (Pre-Service Training). Over the six weeks, I engaged in various activities, including learning about, CorpsAfrica’s Approaches, community work for development, and many practical skills.

The Swearing-In Ceremony marked my transition from a trainee to a CorpsAfrica Volunteer. I was now fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to serve my community. I was excited to engage with the local community, listen to their needs, collaborate with colleagues, and work closely with local leaders.

On Sunday 24, September 2023, I set out to my assigned site in Gasabo District, Gikomero sector, excited to start my volunteer journey. I contacted my host family, and after an eventful vehicle journey, I reached their home afternoon where my host family lives near Gicaca local market. My host family welcomed me with open arms, and their warmth and support have made my integration into the community an unbroken experience.

For the past two weeks in my host family, I have been living with them in the Gasabo District, Gikomero Sector, Gicaca cell, and Nyagasozi Village. They are unbelievable parents who have not only taught me a lot but have also played a good role in helping me find my place within the community. Their firm support and kindness have made it easy for me to integrate into the community

During my integration process, I actively engaged in various activities, including planting tomatoes, building a late rack, removing the weeds, building the kitchen garden, visiting the group saving, and participating in community work (umuganda). I also attended community meetings at both the village and cell (administrative division) levels.

However, I am excited to see how the principles of Asset-Based Community-Development, Human-Centered Design, and the transformative experiences of my community will shape my service. This journey promises to be one of growth, learning, and collective efforts to build a better future for the Gikomero Sector.

Although this is just the commencement of my journey as a CorpsAfrica Volunteer, I excitedly anticipate the re-counting chapters of my journey and the potential for me to become an effective catalyst for stable community-led development.

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