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The Journey of Growth and Green Initiatives: Traveling with a Plant

Written by CorpsAfrica/Kenya Exchange Volunteer Mr. Malamine Badiane

Traveling is often seen as a means to explore new destinations and connect with diverse cultures. However, what if we could go beyond the traditional travel experience and embark on a journey with a purpose? This is the story of my transformative adventure, traveling with a plant from the picturesque community of Rugote in Rwanda to the vibrant community of Minyalala in Kenya, all in the name of CorpsAfrica’s green initiatives. Join me as I share the remarkable experiences and lessons learned during this unique voyage.

The journey began when I had the incredible opportunity to attend the CorpsAfrica All-Country Conference held in Kigali. This conference brought together passionate young individuals from Ghana, Morocco, Malawi, Rwanda, Senegal, and Kenya. It was a platform for collaboration, learning, and sharing innovative ideas aimed at shaping a brighter future for Africa. Interacting with fellow conference participants ignited my enthusiasm and deepened my understanding of the importance of community-driven initiatives.

As part of the conference program, we had the privilege to visit the Rugote community. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, this community showcased the remarkable work being done by CorpsAfrica volunteers in environmental preservation. The nursery project, specifically designed to promote reforestation, left a lasting impression on me. Witnessing the dedication and passion of the volunteers, I realized the profound impact individuals can make when they come together for a shared cause.

During my stay in Rugote, an idea struck me like a ray of sunshine. Why not take a plant from Rugote to Minyalala, bridging the gap between two communities and raising awareness about the CorpsAfrica Green initiative? It was a chance to step out of my comfort zone and create a tangible symbol of unity and environmental consciousness. With the Grevelia plant carefully nurtured and ready for the journey, I embarked on an adventure like no other.

As I made my way from Rwanda to Kenya, I was overwhelmed by the warmth and support I received along the way. The plant became a conversation starter, allowing me to connect with fellow travelers, airport staff, and local communities. Through these interactions, I had the opportunity to share the story of CorpsAfrica’s green initiatives, emphasizing the significance of planting trees and preserving the environment. It was incredible to witness the genuine interest and curiosity sparked by a simple plant.

This journey taught me invaluable lessons about resilience, determination, and the power of community-driven action. It reinforced the notion that even small acts can create ripple effects and inspire others to take up the mantle of environmental stewardship. The experience also highlighted the crucial role of collaboration and partnerships in driving sustainable change.

Traveling with a plant may seem unconventional, but it symbolizes the spirit of CorpsAfrica’s green initiatives. It represents the dedication of countless volunteers who strive to create positive change in their communities. This journey allowed me to witness the transformative power of unity, love for nature, and the shared commitment to building a sustainable future. Let us all be inspired to embark on our unique journeys, making a difference wherever we go.

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