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Welcome to the Resilience Club

Written by CorpsAfrica/Kenya Volunteer Mr. Felix Bahati

My volunteering journey with CorpsAfrica/Kenya in the past month that I’ve been in a new community has been an enriching experience of ups and downs and a journey of connection, growth, and community impact. Ever since I was immersed in this new culture, I have experienced a meaningful way of volunteerism. I have tried as hard as I can to connect with my community members by practicing most of the activities they usually do such as doing farm activities together. Working alongside my community members has been a powerful integration tool that not only fosters teamwork but also establishes a shared commitment to sustainable projects. During this period, I have tried to employ innovative approaches and interventions such as Human Centered Design (HCD) and Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), to reshape mindsets in my community and to be a catalyst in bringing positive change and emphasizing the community strengths to foster sustainable development. 

The heavy rains which have started across the region lately, have posed a challenge to my daily activities but adapting the schedules and implementing contingency plans has allowed me to press on which is a reminder that resilience is key in the face of unexpected obstacles. Despite the challenges, my commitment to the vision remains unwavering in the end goal of fostering sustainable community development.

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