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What Does Autumn in Azro n’souq Village Feel Like?

Written by CorpsAfrica/Maroc Volunteer Ms. Aziza Himmad

Autumn is a magical season in which everything can change. At my site, everything looks lovely and charming. From the bright yellow to the flaming red, the leaves’ colors will give you a new perspective of the outdoors. They slowly fall from the trees to cover the ground, creating a colorful autumn painting. The view pleases the eyes, especially when it is raining. It transforms the valley into a paradise, and I couldn’t let this wonderful painting be missed. I went out for a walk,  watched the trees, danced left and right with the wind, and got wet from the raindrops. The air interacts with my mind and body and the mountain lifts my imagination,  making me feel inner peace.

When you live simply, you will be lucky enough to find yourself in the essence of life. The village AZRO N’SOUQ is one of the perfect places to live if you are in search of simplicity, tranquility, and harmony with nature. It is located in the province of AL HAOUZ, in the rural commune of Ijoukak in Nefis Valley, and  is 127 KM far away from TAROUDANT and 99 KM away from Marrakech. “Souq” means the market, and it the village earned this name because it used to host the local market.

I am so lucky to serve in such an amazing site, and I am blessed to have such a wonderful host family as well. They are  welcoming and generous, and I feel like I am home. “Mi SFIYA,” my host grandmother, is a calm, wise, kind, and energetic woman, despite her old age. She doesn’t speak Arabic but she wants to learn and will also help teach me Tamazight. “KHADIJA,” her unmarried daughter, is a funny and cheerful person, and one of the nicest and the kindest people I ever met in my life. She always tries to do what she can to make me feel comfortable in the family and with visitors. “Fatima,” Mi Sfiya’s son’s wife, is eight months pregnant and has 2 boys – I have a beautiful relationship with them. I usually help them in their studies, especially the younger one, “SOULAIMAN,” who always comes to me to learn the alphabet.

I enjoy being with my host community, I try to help with some daily activities: feeding the goat, bringing wood from “JNAN” on the back of the donkey (using it to prepare “TANOURT”), but the activity I enjoy most is carpet weaving. The family shows me how, and I try to do it on my own. At first it was difficult for me, but after some minutes I found it enjoyable and easy to do (but not for a long time because it’s really tiring)!

Doing things outside of your ordinary routine can be an exciting way to spice up your life. Meeting new people and talking to them, seeing things you may have never seen, or doing things you have never done before help to refresh the day. No matter what you do, just do it with love, because nothing will happen the same way again. In all you do, make sure that you enjoy your life and don’t forget to have fun.


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