Why CorpsAfrica

Written by CorpsAfrica/Maroc Volunteer Ms. Fatima Zahra Souhal

Hello dear readers and my fellows! I hope my blog finds you very well. First of all, I’m going to introduce myself to you. I’m Fatima Zahra, I’m from Marrakech but Casablanca is my hometown. I received my BA in English studies, majoring in linguistics in 2018 from Kaddi Aayad University.

My experience as a Volunteer with CorpsAfrica for 2018-2019 gave me the opportunity to discover and improve my personality. I am becoming more confident and better at public speaking. Also, I experienced how to be patient under challenging conditions, without some basic needs, in a remote village. Moreover, the interaction with the people of the village helps me a lot to be close to their way of living, despite their different culture, accent, food, way of dress.

The ability to face difficulties in a remote village came out of the belief in the idea that volunteering is a lifestyle and we have to invest our time and energy in something that we know will have a positive impact on others.

Finally, CorpsAfrica brings hope to marginalized people, encouraging them to persevere for positive change and invest their potential in their community.

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