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Meet Our Alums: Innocent Uladi – Malawi

Innocent Uladi served as a dedicated member of cohort 5 of CorpsAfrica/Malawi. He served in Wimbe, Kasungu District. His notable achievements include successfully implementing three projects during his service. He implemented a primary project focusing on irrigation using solar water pumps, which continues to benefit over 1000 community members.

After completing his service with CorpsAfrica, he has been actively involved in various activities focused on community development and education. He primarily worked with NGOs, focusing on education for children and empowerment programs for women and girls. His commitment to community-led projects has remained strong as he values the input and ideas of the communities he works with. Regarding his academic advancement, he enrolled in a Master of Gender and Development program at LUANAR, which he is set to graduate from this year. Furthermore, he is currently pursuing a postgraduate diploma in International Gender Studies at Háskóli Íslands (University of Iceland) in Iceland through the prestigious GRO GEST program and is yet to graduate in May this year. He maintains connections with CorpsAfrica and continues to support their efforts wherever possible. Looking ahead, he envisions himself working extensively with youth, drawing from his own experiences and struggles. He aspires to specialize in development, possibly pursuing a PhD within the next decade.

CorpsAfrica has profoundly shaped his values, goals, and perspective in ways he never imagined. It not only provided him with valuable skills in facilitation, programming, and networking but also opened doors to a world of continuous learning and growth. Through his service, he immersed myself in the world of top scholars, where writing became a part of his everyday life. This experience not only honed his proposal development skills but also instilled in him a deeper sense of purpose and drive. Reflecting on his journey, he realized that he is not the same person CorpsAfrica found him to be. He emerged from his service full of experiences and insights that continue to propel him forward. CorpsAfrica laid the foundation for his personal and professional development, equipping him with the tools and mindset needed to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Looking ahead, his aspirations are firmly rooted in continuing to support communities, particularly focusing on empowering youth. He envisioned himself playing a role in shaping the future generation, providing guidance and opportunities for their growth and success. Additionally, pursuing a Ph.D. in development studies is a goal he is determined to achieve, as it will enable him to contribute to academia and research in meaningful ways. He is also passionate about expanding an initiative he co-founded into an NGO, to provide support and guidance to those who lack access to resources and mentorship. Ultimately, his dream is to serve communities in various capacities, and perhaps one day, to work at CorpsAfrica Headquarters, furthering the mission of empowering individuals and fostering sustainable development.

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