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Meet Our Alums: Samuel Njuguna

Samuel Njuguna, a dedicated alumnus of the 1st cohort of CorpsAfrica/Kenya, has demonstrated remarkable progress in both personal and professional spheres since completing his volunteer service in Kaani, Machakos County.

Following his service, Samuel seized the opportunity to contribute further to CorpsAfrica/Kenya’s mission by joining the organization as an Assistant Program Coordinator. Over time, he has advanced to the role of Partnership and Philanthropy Assistant, showcasing his dedication and effectiveness in fostering collaborations and securing support for community development initiatives.

In pursuit of continuous learning and growth, Samuel has embarked on a journey to enhance his expertise in community development by enrolling in a Bachelor of Arts program. This commitment underscores his determination to deepen his understanding and effectiveness in driving positive change at the grassroots level.

Moreover, Samuel has proactively expanded his network by establishing partnerships with organizations such as VSO/Kenya and Well Aware. Through these collaborations, he aims to leverage collective efforts to address pressing challenges and promote sustainable development in rural communities.

“My transition has been nothing short of inspiring, marked by profound growth in leadership, resilience, and commitment to community-led development and Human-Centered Design. I have seamlessly translated the skills and experiences gained during my service into meaningful contributions,” reflects Samuel Matiru on his journey of growth and impact.


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