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Rwanda’s Pitch Day 2024

CorpsAfrica/Rwanda’s third Project Demo Day (PDD) hosted on March 28 was a resounding success, bringing together 240 guests from diverse sectors, including public and private entities and Development Partners. The event’s primary aim was to unite stakeholders, garner support and funds for small-scale impactful projects initiated by CorpsAfrica Volunteers, and promote community engagement and professional development. Notable attendees included representatives from influential organizations such as the Private Sector Federation, Agaciro Development Fund, BK Foundation, CIMERWA, LODA, MINALOC, JICA, World Connect, Peace Corps, USAID, and Zipline, among others. 

One of the most inspiring aspects of the event was the opportunity it provided for participants to gain insights and inspiration from all 76 Volunteer projects. Witnessing these individuals’ passion and dedication to working tirelessly to positively impact their respective communities was truly uplifting. The diverse range of projects showcased innovation, sustainability, and community empowerment, inspiring attendees to actively contribute and support these impactful initiatives.

6 Volunteers pitched projects, including Leopold and his counterpart Judith, Innocent, Rahayi and her counterpart James, and Bob, with a total of 4 projects presented. 

Leopold and his counterpart Judith from Gicumbi District pitched their community’s Passion Fruit Farming project to the audience. The objective is to grow passion fruits on 12 leased hectares, benefiting 400 youth by providing income opportunities and valuable agricultural skills. The expected benefit of the project is that each member of the cooperative could generate over Rwf45,000 monthly, contributing to economic stability and skill development in the community. So far, the community has contributed 16,680,000 RWF to the project and sought Rwf 38,920,000 in funding for expansion and sustainability.

Demonstrating the generosity and commitment of attendees and stakeholders to support community-led projects, we received pledges totaling 13,400,000 RWF. We are continuing to accept contributions towards the projects and organizations indicated the possibility for additional funding and support. 

Another inspiring project that was presented was Rahayi and James’ Organic Manure Production project. Their principal goal is to produce organic manure from waste to benefit 300 youth in Kamanga cell, creating 100 permanent jobs and 200 casual jobs. Each community member is projected to make approximately 70,000 RWF monthly, which contributes to agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability. At this point, the community has contributed 3,419,750 RWF and is seeking 10,384,250 RWF in funding for project implementation and expansion.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the participants for their interest in supporting these community-led projects. Your presence and engagement have given us hope and confidence in our mission. Now, our office is actively engaged in one-on-one conversations with potential funders to explore funding opportunities further. We want to ensure the successful implementation of these community-led projects facilitated by our Volunteers. The support and interest shown by the attendees have given us hope and confidence that together, we can uplift and empower our communities.

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