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Samba Gueye was born in Tivaouane but lives in Yeumbeul Sud (Dakar). He did his whole school cycle in Thiaroye, where he graduated from High School in 2009 and then the faculty of law of the ucad, where he got his license in private law. Actually, He is a master in criminal science. Samba also worked with structures such as the general population census in 2012 and the general census of enterprises in 2016. and with study societies like LA study on the whole area and l’on agricultural processing companies and commercial agent at Senidis Suarl. The law is his passion, which is why he is interested in raising awareness, protecting and defending the rights of the vulnerable (protection of the rights of women, children and others). In addition, he very much cares about entrepreneurship (corporate and corporate law), especially in agriculture and agricultural processing, just to support the development of women and children. He wants to be a CorpsAfrica Volunteer to better participate in the development of community activities and to gain more experience in this area.