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Featured Projects

Identified, designed, implemented, ​and owned by local communities.

From 2013 through today, CorpsAfrica Volunteers and rural communities have identified and designed more than 800 projects centered on local ownership, resilience, and collaboration.

CorpsAfrica Volunteers move to their sites with open minds and no pre-conceived notion of what project they will implement. Their most important role is that of listener. Pre-Service Training gives them the tools necessary to facilitate conversations to help the community identify its highest priority development need, and the introduction to Development Partners and other resources they might bring to their sites.

Volunteers are responsible for:

  • Performing a needs assessment on the project idea
  • Creating a budget and project proposal
  • Bringing in appropriate Development Partners to help design and implement the project alongside the community
  • Serving as a liaison between the partner and the community
  • Monitoring and evaluating the progress and success of the project
  • Submitting timely reports for full accountability and transparency – all while living in the community.


CorpsAfrica is committed to the growth of Volunteers and the outcomes of each individual project.