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A Journey So Marvelous

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Mr. James Matipiwiri

When I look back and check my clock, I get overwhelmed and I realize that my hands have made countless cycles in registering a year of my voluntary service. As a Somali proverb says, “Every camel was once a two-year-old“. The words remind me of the experiences I have had during my service as a Volunteer in Dedza. As time goes on, we play, learn and grow. But it is much more than that with me because my time as a Volunteer has helped me develop into a different individual. In short, they made me grow in so many different ways.

Having served as a Volunteer in Dedza East, I have learned a lot of things that I never thought I would learn. I have collaborated with NGOs that I never knew existed. In short, the service has exposed me to the world inside my community.

Since October last year (2017), it has been a very exciting journey of learning and discovery. Before joining CorpsAfrica, I had no idea of what my potentials were like. Some people could describe me as possessing some introvertive characteristics but that was quite a perfect description. I had to come out of my comfort zone and unleash the fears. And I have realized that I can lead, I can facilitate change, I can help others transform their living conditions for better. I have emerged a transformed person with lots of new ideas, knowledge and experiences to take on the world.

Living alone in a new environment is stressful if not careful enough, so I made lots of friends in my community, some worth keeping while some always made me question what I am actually doing with them, but anyway, friends are friends. In a nutshell, I have grown and developed professionally, socially and culturally.

I will never forget the experiences I have had throughout my entire service, the amazing people I have collaborated with, and above all, the impact my projects shall have in my community.


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