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A Story to Tell

Written by CorpsAfrica/Rwanda Volunteer Mr. Yves Delphin Gasore

Words are fact language to the actions… I won’t go beyond Margaret J. Wheatley’s saying, “There is no power for change than the community discovering what it cares about”. Mother Teresa added, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”.

I was warmhearted for receiving an alert to be a CorpsAfrica Volunteer, and that was the beginning of the whole dream story. I felt fond of the training that I was provided with. They were so equipped, with knowledge, skills, and reliability. That did not last long, I was sent to the site to be who I was trained to be. The mission was to become an agent of change, live with the community, share with the community, and facilitate the community.

I remember reaching the site; smiles were all around the host family, words and chats passing by like we’d spent a month together. I couldn’t wait long enough to spread changes and chances in Asset Based Community Development. Days passed by, and love and courage moved everywhere in the community. Locals were the best to bring about fast and quick changes to help their locality, they had ideas, passionate, and were courageous enough to see the site change, now I was sensing something big going to change.

I was amazed by the project proposals they had. Community member tapped into every corner of their real life. That’s general development, household development, and even their community-based development. I won’t skip the love of empowerment I saw in older community members, not letting youths, kids, and disabled people. The community wouldn’t stop showing that the important thing is to be constantly moving forward. Yes, the progressive realization of a predetermined goal and that goal should never end.

Being integrated into the community and doing everything together is the most strong part of my story. It roars up when it comes to smiles and appreciation from community members. From the idea to implementation, this volunteering experience made me take a pace in ideal things, it shaped my life. Living in a community indeed is the best experience ever.

I met with challenges but I couldn’t quit. I found challenges as a sharp tool to shape success and fought hard to create a heart-touching story to tell. My story is not yet done. Real things are still on their way; changes and chances to exploit, meet new people, and make new experiences; all aiming at shaping a life-changed community member. That’s the biggest dream ever.


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