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Being a CorpsAfrica Volunteer

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Ms. Chimwemwe Nzima

Two months down the line I look back and realize the new me. If you knew me three months ago you don’t know me now. That’s what being a CorpsAfrica Volunteer is all about. Personal development while meeting the needs of the community is at the core. Being proactive and learning to work independently. Enough of that.

Networking: I never knew I would have a family away from home. One will be like really?  How is that possible?  I only got to understand this when I became a CorpsAfrica Volunteer. Not only that, I got connected to different partner organizations; I got to understand how they operate much better. When I say this is one way to develop my career, it is not a lie but plain truth.

What about community impact? One moves forward while leaving footprints behind. “Life is worth living for others.” One leaves a mark not only on the community as a whole but also on individuals. This reminds me of the young girls I am mentoring from a nearby community day secondary school. I live in a youthful community full of vibrant boys and girls. This would make one think and believe a lot is going on in this community education-wise.

However, that is not the case; youth in my community have little value in education. School dropout is so rampant despite several interventions from different organizations working tooth-and-nail to keep youth in school. Now, when I see most of the girls I need to understand what actually happened. Coming to their community as a CorpsAfrica Volunteer, I am amazed and humbled. This helps me understand why one needs to begin with the end in mind, as this enables one to achieve great things in life. These girls need to be mentored in such a way that they see themselves as capable of achieving their dreams no matter how big they seem to be. They need to begin their journey to success with the end in mind. When you become a Corps Africa Volunteer, you live to inspire and impact your community.


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