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Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Mr. Blessings Ngwira

One day after having a long day with community meetings and some other activities with the youth, I was very much exhausted. I stopped by the secondary that is on my way home and I was chatting with one of my friends in the community. He was actually the first person I met when I arrived at my site a little over a month and some weeks ago. How time flies when you are doing something that is worthy for a community at large. We stopped by the side of the road and started talking about life in general, the politics of the villages, the politics in the country, and so on.

As we were talking I noticed a group of kids running and jumping in the sand. From afar, it looked a sport I recognized. I was intrigued and went to where these kids were to see what exactly they were doing. The sport that I thought I recognized was Triple Jump but to my surprise it was not. It looked the same. This is when I remembered that when I was kid just about their age I also used to play this game; it is called Champion. It is sort of like Triple Jump, but the rules are different. The kids had three sticks on the ground and they used this as their way of measuring.

​It was kind of difficult at first to get the kids attention for me to get to know how they knew this game. But obviously they were in a competition to find the Champion as the name of the game clearly states. And I could tell that at this moment they were happy and enjoying their time. These kids showed me that it is not important where you are for you to be happy. It is what you do with those close and around you.


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