Do You Know Amadaou Bamba Diaw?

Written by CorpsAfrica/Ghana Exchange Volunteer Mr. Amadaou Bamba Diaw

Better known as Bamba, I am a young graduate in Economic Engineering at the University of Dakar-Bourquiba, who specialized in Accounting, Business Management, and Administration at the University Institute of Technology and Commerce (ITECOM). After my studies, I was to integrate Chemical Industries of Senegal (ICS) under a contract as an accountant, stock manager, and then a representative of the interim company BSI within this same industry. Due to these experiences, I became passionate about development and improving the living conditions of rural communities.

I joined CorpsAfrica/Senegal in the volunteer program while working as a Program Coordinator of the Organization “Tivaouane Green Town” (TVV), which works to improve environmental conditions. With complete and beneficial training at CorpsAfrica in Design Thinking and Human Centered-design, accompanied by several complementary modules, I am committed to the mission of improving the living conditions of the Village of “SINE NGAYE” where I assisted various groups of women in this community by empowering them in several areas such as the manufacturing of different types of soaps and bleaches as well as the establishment of micro projects such as a community shop and the innovation of modern-improved stoves. These activities strongly contribute to the protection of the environment and fall under the “CorpsAfrica Green “ initiative, which aims to improve the environment and fight against climate change. I also completed a project which involved ensuring that a market garden area of 2 hectares had access to water to improve the working conditions of the women and also supply a large part of this community with drinking water.

This was a project inspired by the initiative, “CorpsAfrica Blue” which facilitates access to drinking water. This project was greatly appreciated by the community and the surrounding villages that benefited from it. Being a multitasker and an ambassador for the environment, I have participated in several events of this kind, both nationally and internationally. I was even recommended for the run-up to COP27 in Egypt during my participation in the Ecolotrip Forum in Togo and many other participations.  In the cultural aspect, I have also played the role of co-coordinator for the preparation of the CorpsAfrica International Cultural Work Camp and have worked a lot on the revaluation of the megalithic sites of Sine Ngayene, Wanar, Wassu, and Keur Bathie, which are a part of the world heritage of UNESCO. I took the initiative to sensitize and educate young people on the importance of this heritage through several cultural activities around these sites.

Considered as an innovative project, the Modern Improved Cookstoves were nominated and featured in AYICC’s SMART GREEN BOOK 2022, a green book of young African innovators’ projects for the fight against climate change, and a featured presentation during COP27 in Egypt.  Always having this thirst to serve, I have re-engaged with CorpsAfrica in Ghana as an Exchange Volunteer to further serve African communities and push them towards a momentum of development by redefining development while being a typical Ambassador of CorpsAfrica for its love and loyalty to African communities. As I have always said, “my mission is not to develop communities but to build new people to build societies”. Such are my words.

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