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Embracing the Beauty of a New Beginning in Nyamagabe, Rwanda

Written by CorpsAfrica/Rwanda Volunteer Ms. Benie Niyodusingiza

In the words of the brilliant philosopher Seneca, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” My name is Bernie Niyodusingiza, and I proudly serve as a CorpsAfrica volunteer in the Nyamagabe district, located in the heart of the southern province of Rwanda. When I first received the news that I would be deployed to Nyamagabe, a wave of excitement and anxiety washed over me. I knew that I was about to embark on a new journey, one that would take me far from my familiar surroundings and into the welcoming arms of a new community.

The first day of my integration in Nyamagabe district, Mbazi sector, and Manwari cell was a pivotal moment. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I was introduced to my host family, who would soon become my second home, providing a foundation for my experiences in this beautiful region.

The transition to this new life has been an incredible journey, filled with moments of pure happiness. Nyamagabe’s landscape is a mesmerizing tapestry of rolling hills cloaked in lush green fields, with crystal-clear air, meandering rivers, and the melodious songs of birds greeting the morning sun. The trees sway gracefully in the gentle breeze, adding to the enchantment of this rural paradise. It’s no exaggeration to say that the natural beauty of the countryside has played a significant role in my newfound joy.

What makes this transition even more extraordinary is the warm and generous welcome I’ve received from the residents. Their kindness, love, and hospitality have touched my heart deeply. In Nyamagabe, I’m treated like a long-lost friend returning home, greeted with homemade meals and enthralling tales of tradition and culture. The sense of community here is truly remarkable, and it’s reflected in the way I’ve been invited to participate in local celebrations. Their hospitality knows no bounds, and their openness is a testament to the warmth of their hearts.

I am eagerly looking forward to fully embracing the authenticity of rural living, where every day feels like a celebration of life. Thanks to CorpsAfrica for providing me with this incredible opportunity to find a second home away from home. I am filled with anticipation about the adventures that lie ahead and believe that this experience will be nothing short of the best chapter of my life. Nyamagabe has welcomed me with open arms, and I am ready to embrace its beauty and culture with an open heart and open arms.


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