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Embracing The Journey

When I first embarked on my journey with CorpsAfrica as a Volunteer, uncertainty lingered in my mind. What kind of service was I signing up for? Despite the doubts, there was an unwavering belief within me that if others could do it, I could do it even better.

As I delved into the Pre-Service Training, clarity slowly seeped in, illuminating the path that lay ahead. I began to understand the essence of CorpsAfrica volunteerism and prepared myself mentally for the challenges that awaited.

Today, reflecting on my journey thus far as a CorpsAfrica Volunteer serving in Meru County’s Nkomo location, I can proudly declare that it has been a rewarding one. However, this success story wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable support of our program coordinator. She has been more than just a guide; she’s been a constant companion, walking with us volunteers through any obstacle we face in our communities.

This journey has reaffirmed a fundamental truth: a robust support system is indispensable for volunteers. With the right encouragement and guidance, one can navigate any challenge as a volunteer and emerge stronger on the other side.

My experience with CorpsAfrica has enriched my life and taught me the importance of resilience and working with a community. It’s a journey I wouldn’t trade for anything, and I look forward to the adventures that lie ahead.


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