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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Ms. Bertha Mukhuna

Eight months deep into 2020, a lot of people are of the view that it is so far one of the worst years in history and almost everyone cannot wait for the 31st of December to finally exit the year. Granted there have been really devastating events in the year, Australian fires, the Beirut explosion, a new strain of Ebola and the paramount, of which is the Covid-19 global pandemic. It looks like this year will justifiably be remembered for all the bad things that happened. But as Kevin Ansbro once said, “Focus on an ocean of positives, not a puddle of negatives.” Here are, therefore, some ways in which this pandemic era has changed our way of living for good:

1. It has helped in building and rebuilding relationships
Life sure gets busy and somewhere in between busy schedules and trying to make ends meet, we miss out on quality time with our family and friends. Limitations in movement and social distancing have reminded us of how much our loved ones mean to us. We have stayed connected both virtually and physically to check on each other to see if we are doing okay. Even globally there has been enhanced interaction.

2. Lifestyle changes to practice better hygiene
Times have changed. Sanitizing, covering mouths when coughing and washing hands regularly have now become the new normal. People are more aware of how important it is to practice good hygiene, which in turn combats a lot of other diseases such as tuberculosis, common cold and flu .I am sure that if this is practiced long enough it will turn into a habit and just like that, we will all adopt a new life style change for good.

3. Strength in our communities
There have been thousands of volunteers all over the world who have helped in fighting against Covid-19 in various communities through sharing information, providing services and food stuff, among other things. I am so glad to be one of the volunteers to take part in this fight.

Stay physically distant but socially connected. Until next time, be safe!


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