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Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Mr. Billy Makombola

Warm greetings from the southern part of Mzimba District, a small beautiful community dominated by the Ngoni people. I believe most of you have thought about money just when you saw the topic, and I just can’t blame you because we all know that there are monetary activities involved when we talk about the word fund. Just as it is half past farming season, a lot of people are busy with farming activities as it is written in the Bible that “you shall reap what you sow.” However, I have discovered an interesting thing this season that I want to share with you.

Let me start by telling you how the fund is defined in my community. It’s actually activities or pieces work that a particular group of people organize to raise money for a particular purpose. Now does it make sense? I hope it does. There are different fund groups such as football teams, churches, school funds, etc. These types of groups look for farming piece works to help them raise funds for a certain activity or project. For example, the football team I play on has been doing fund activities and raised money to buy football club resources (a ball and jerseys). Not only has my team done that, but also my church choir had a fund last December where they planted maize in one of the village member’s field; and now the choir has just bought uniforms. The school fund group that consists of parents has also managed to raised money through the fund activities and maintained a classroom roof.

Some members are even in more than one fund group, but they still manage to attend all the group’s piece works; to me that shows the spirit of commitment. During this farming season when many people are sowing their seeds, it’s actually a reaping season for these fund groups to raise money to purchase necessary tools or equipment.

I have realized that this is not just about raising funds; it is more about teamwork for community development. Basically, I am enjoying my voluntary experience in this community, and I’m looking forward to sharing with you more interesting things about my site.

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