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I Just Fell In Love With the Village

Written by CorpsAfrica/Senegal Volunteer Mr. Mama Diop

“I’m possible,” said the development itself.
Yes, we can! We can do it if we just believe it.
But, all my life, I have heard people pronouncing the word “development” but they cannot understand it.
I could see people organizing so many debates about development but they don’t even know.
A lot of money was wasted in more expensive hotels but the solution is not found until now.
I could see governments contracting a debt that collectively can’t be paid but problems are still here.
What is development?  Where is development sleeping?
Answers to these questions can be found in my village and more particularly in people’s everyday life.
I invite all of you, come and see please. But, if you cannot be here let me tell you a little bit.
Ndingler is the name of the village. It is one among the thirty-eight villages of the municipality called Ndiaganiao.

Despite its lack of potentials and resources, the population of this village does not stand around doing nothing. They remind me Robinson Crusoe who is building its Brave New World.
In fact, I was very surprised by their organization, their ways of developing ideas, and their resilience capacity in the face of challenges.
In addition, I could see the solidarity and the love which constitutes the bedrock of their life.
For instance, in this village everyone loves everyone, people help each other and bad and good events are shared by everybody.
In addition, with this population, I am now aware of the fact that villagers are very creative. One example of their creativity can be seen through these following pictures.

These images may look simple in your eyes, but let’s observe theme deeply.
Here, villagers use some techniques to widen the shade of the tree. Then it will form a kind of roof under which they can sit when it is hot to discuss or to eat their “thiebu dieun”. Also they do it to protect animals against the sun rays.
Personally, what really impressed me is the way people in the village are organized to satisfy their needs.
For instance, in 2005, to fight against their poverty, villagers found solutions to improve their living conditions.

As this picture can show us, villagers decided to contribute about 200 fcfa each (men, women, young and old) to well-stock this shop. In this very shop, the entire village can buy or lend. Moreover, big profits they get from this shop are used to satisfy the village’s needs.
For example, according to the chief of the village, this year the shop generates 6 million fcfa of profits.
In 2011, they found another system that helps them a lot.

In fact, with only 150kg at the beginning, the village gets today many tons of millet.
What are their techniques?
With profits from the shop, they open a store with 150 kg of millet. There, each villager can come and lend 50 kg per month for family feed. And, at the end of the month, the lender gives back 60 kg, meaning 10kg more as a contribution for the whole village’s needs.
Now, with their determination and their capacities of finding right solutions instead of waiting others, they keep on attracting partners who are giving them a helping hand in several domains.

Isn’t this village worthwhile helping?


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