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No Longer an Outlander

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Mr. Kaitano Maison

At the beginning of my stay here at the site, most things were new to me because the environment itself was a bit tough for me to familiarize myself with. I am confident now that the environment has suited me in terms of social, topography, and weather. I was a stranger to everyone at my site and I didn’t know where to start in a new land where I hadn’t been before.

I have been trying to make relations with different groups of people like students, people in the community, vendors, police, teachers, religious groups, local leaders, and health workers. My attempt has been a success through the implementation of the COVID-19 project and I worked with health surveillance assistants, village heads, teachers, Ligowe Community Development Organization, and Community-Based Organizations.

I am teaching at a Community Day Secondary School in Form 2, 3 and 4. This has really helped me a lot to strengthen the bond with the students. Wherever I decide to take a stroll in the community, I am frequently greeted by the students and have some chit-chat. I have also made friends with my fellow teachers at the school.

The relationship that I made with the locals in the community is just wonderful and strong, I have blended myself with them. We always exchange stories and laugh. I am just like one of them and I learnt lots of things from them.

When I came to the site, the first people I made friends with were my host family and local leaders who were there for me whenever I needed help and up to now. The relationship has grown so strong which makes me able to work with the community easily, and at the same time enjoyable.
All these instances have strengthened the bond with different groups of people at my site and made me cease to be an outlander.


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