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So Little Time So Much To Do

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Ms. Tusayiwe Sikwese

I must admit, it was quite a transition from the All-Country-Conference in Morocco (I will not dwell on this as a lot has already been said by my fellow Volunteers) to my site Maluwa here in Malawi. I had left so much work to do, some of which I had delegated to the community members I work closely with.  But well, it hadn’t been done yet. And so my energy levels dropped drastically.

With so little time left of my service, and so much work to do, I began feeling overwhelmed and somewhat frustrated. This was similar to the feeling I had when I first arrived in my community; overwhelmed because of the need for me to integrate with the community members, gain some sort of trust from them, and of course make the place my new home for 12 whole months. But I thought of how I managed to get through the beginning of it all, and surely, I can weather the final two months come what may.

So, with so little time and so much to do, I am really hoping that I will be able to get all the projects (or at least most of some of them) that are in the pipeline implemented for the community’s development. I would be unsatisfied to end my service without alleviating some things in my community in the smallest way(s) possible. I am also hoping that I have made a difference in my community in ways that I cannot see.

As of now, I will keep doing all I can for my community.


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