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Tchombe Drink

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Mr. Peter Mndalasini

During one of my visits to my counterpart’s house, I found him with his pastor making a certain traditional drink. At first, I thought that they were making some tea since the drink had tea leaves and milk. Little did I know that this was not tea but a special drink.  I was rushing to the market, but I changed my plan and decided to go to the market later. I wanted to quench my curiosity by asking them some questions about the special drink. My counterpart and his pastor were very happy and excited to answer all of my questions.

Maybe someone might be asking why enthusiasts consider Tchombe to be a special drink. According to the Zion Church, this drink is considered as medicine for several diseases or infections. Those living with HIV/AIDS can even take it in order to help boost their immune system. This drink also helps to reduce body pains and brings good luck to those who want to success in their lives. According to the pastor of Zion Church, people pray for the person before he or she is given this drink. He also said something concerning a certain person who was demoted from his senior position at work. This person came to my community; they prayed and gave him the  Tchombe drink, and two days later, he got promoted at his workplace.

But what is Tchombe drink made from? What are the ingredients required when they want to make this drink? This special drink is made from milk, water, Tchombe tea leaves, and anointed oil. Tea leaves are boiled with water and milk for some minutes and anointed oil is also added to the mixture. After 30 minutes the drink is then filtered and ready to drink.

If you want to know what Tchombe drink tastes like and other stories related to this drink, do not hesitate come to the Wimbe Community in Kasungu District in the central region of Malawi.


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