The Destination Matters Most in a Journey

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Ms. Lessenia Chikho

Some people define a journey as an act of moving from one place to another, while others define it as the distance covered. The definition of a journey does not matter most in this write-up, but the destination does matter. Reaching the ‘destination,’ which is the ultimate purpose of starting a journey, is what matters most and not the pulse one is taking. That is to say, when one is on a journey, all she or he thinks of is reaching the destination. Yes, the destination matters most when one is starting a journey.

There are three things that happen when one is on a journey: moving backward, standing still, and moving forward. Moving backwards and standing still fails the ultimate purpose of a journey while moving forward helps one to achieve the one and only intention of being on a journey.

Different people use different means of transportation when they are on a journey. Some use cars, others bicycle, and others walk. All of these people have different planned destinations, but they are all on a journey. They may be taking the same direction, but their planned destinations are different. When they face some challenges on their way with their means of transportation, they drop that means and take another means just to arrive at their destination. Yes, the destination matters most to everyone who is on a journey.

Life is like a journey. But how is life like a journey? In life a lot of things happen but everyone has a purpose or a goal that she or he wants to achieve. For example, people grow crops because they want to harvest. The ways and means of growing their crops are different but the ultimate purpose of growing crops is to harvest. Here in Malawi, most people use hoes to grow their crops, like the woman in the picture below.

Others use ploughs but the reason for growing crops is to harvest. Education is another good example of comparing life and a journey and how important the destination is. Students go to school all because they want to achieve something at the end. They all have careers but different ones. They may be going to the same school or in the same class, being taught by the same teacher and taking the same subjects, but their goals and ambitions are different. They may be taking the same direction but their destinations are different. For example, the kids below are all in the same class and take the same direction when they knock off from school, but their career goals are different as well as their destinations.
In life a lot of challenges come and they will always show up when people are on their way to their goals, but do not give up; hold on and move forward. The way you will handle those challenges will define who you are and help you to either reach your destination or not. Hold on and move on at your own pace. As long as you are moving towards your planned destination then thumbs up, you are on a right track. Do not compare yourself with others; it is not about what others are doing, it’s about you arriving at your planned destination.

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