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The Lady of Nemading: With All My Admiration

Written by CorpsAfrica/Senegal Volunteer Ms. Nakhady Djighaly

I am happy that my first blog since I began CorpsAfrica was written in the month of March; as this is the time to celebrate women. In this context, I invite you to follow the story of Aminata Dominique Diouf, nicknamed: “the Lady of Nemading.”

Nemading is a small village close to my site, Nemebah, which is located in the region of Fatick in the “Saloum Islands.” Upon arrival at my site, I met this young woman born in 1989 who is today the Director of the Farm of Nemading. Since she was little, Aminata was passionate about the field. Nourished by this love, she predicted to her father (the founder of this farm) her future desire to manage the company when she was only five years old. To realize her dream, she undertook studies in the management and operation of farm businesses in Canada. Although she could have chosen to remain in that developed country, she decided to return to Senegal and devote herself to agriculture. Upon her return she took control of the general management of the family business. She undertakes several daring initiatives with lucidity, ardor and selflessness to meet the challenges of mango production.

Today the mango “Aminata” which bears her name has managed to penetrate the markets in England and Germany. The Lady of Nema is an example of what the modern woman can achieve when she lives her ambitions and she is the proof that one can succeed in agriculture as a woman. She continues to work for the great empowerment of women through training but also to instill in the women of Nemading, the virtues of work and self-esteem.

Today, the wish of Aminata is to see her mangos in all the great supermarkets of the whole world! She hopes one day to receive visits of Presidents from African, European, and American nations in the agricultural field. She is meeting this challenge very soon because a team of Canal + is coming to film the show “Success of Africa” in her agricultural field and she kindly invited CorpsAfrica/Senegal to participate.

For my part, I wish a very good celebration to the brave women of Nemabah who advocate for the empowerment of women and female leadership. Bravo to you dear ladies…


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