Where’s the Sun?

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Mr. Dingaan Kafundu

You know how Malawi is one of the hottest nations in southern Africa, with temperatures reaching all the way up to 48°C in some regions? You will find people walking around with just vests and shorts and others just bluntly go topless (and I’m not only talking about the men). Well, whoever was passing out this memo forgot to include the district of Dedza.

To put it frankly, Dedza’s weather is crazy. At best, the district is warm. But even in warm weather, where the sun is out, it’s still windy and you have to carry a sweater with you just for good measure. Now, picture Dedza in the cold winter months of June and July and you’ve got Moscow in Malawi. Alright, a bit of exaggeration but you get the drift.

Dedza weather is crazy. You wake up in the morning and you immediately wish you hadn’t. You start cursing the day you signed up to work. It’s 8:00 in the morning but it’s still dark outside with no sun in sight. Gloves and any headgear that covers your ears is a must, especially when you’ve got ears like Dumbo, like I do. You walk out and immediately your body starts shivering. Did I say, Dedza weather is crazy?

Now, this being my first time spending an extended period of time in Dedza, I thought well, this surely can’t get any worse. Ha! Joke’s on me. It was as if Dedza had accepted my challenge. Out of nowhere, the skies opened up and it decided to rain. Now I’m not talking about little drizzles flying around. No, I’m talking full on rain pouring down. Cold, windy, icy rain. I was nowhere near prepared. I didn’t expect this.

So, this is me basically telling anyone who is thinking of spending some time in Dedza, to not forget to pack up every single warm thing you have. You’re going to need it. Never has a hot water bottle to sleep with at night looked more attractive.

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