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Unlocking potential
one volunteer at a time

Lasting Impact
From Within

CorpsAfrica places college-educated African volunteers in rural communities to identify and solve their most pressing local challenges.

Africans are best positioned for collaborative, transformative and sustainable change within themselves and communities.

Where We Work

African staff manage CorpsAfrica’s offices in its countries of operation and are responsive the specific needs and local context in each country’s volunteers and communities.

Community-Designed Local Solutions

Since 2013, CorpsAfrica Volunteers and rural communities have identified and designed more than 800 projects centered on local ownership, resilience, and collaboration.


Our volunteers serve in some of the most under-resourced regions of their countries where they venture beyond their comfort zones to learn about their countries and about themselves. By training young Africans to help rural communities identify and solve their own challenges, CorpsAfrica strengthens Africa’s most valuable asset: its people.

Featured News

CorpsAfrica Launches Special Appeal to Support Earthquake Relief Efforts

Following the recent devastating earthquake in the Al Haouz province and neighboring areas of Morocco, CorpsAfrica is rapidly responding to assist affected communities. We’re equipping and providing disaster relief training to 48 Volunteers and delivering essential resources to communities where we have worked since 2013 to rebuild with resilience. 

CorpsAfrica and Peace Corps Sign Memorandum of Understanding

On September 21, 2023, CorpsAfrica and Peace Corps announced a strategic partnership to strengthen ties between both programs exploring innovative service models and engaging training opportunities. 

Mastercard Foundation Expands Partnership with CorpsAfrica

We are delighted to announce an exciting and ambitious $59M partnership with the Mastercard Foundation that will enable over 1,600 young African volunteers to serve across 11 countries on the continent and impact over 800,000 community members.

Our Partners

We thank all of our donors and development partners for supporting CorpsAfrica Volunteers and communities where they work. The organizations listed below are among over 100 partnerships with local, regional and international organizations supporting our work. 

Support Our WOrk

CorpsAfrica addresses two of Africa’s most difficult challenges: engaging youth and helping rural communities overcome extreme poverty. We recruit and train motivated volunteers to live and work in rural, under-resourced areas in their own countries. They collaborate with the community to design and implement small-scale projects that address their top priorities and, by doing so, gain the skills and experience that lay the foundation for personal and professional success.

CorpsAfrica trusts youth and communities to help each other.