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CorpsAfrica/Malawi Development Partners Training

CorpsAfrica/Malawi conducted a two-day training for nine Development Partners (DP) to acquaint them with CorpsAfrica’s work. The sessions covered various topics:

  • Introduction to CorpsAfrica: Highlighting its founding, mission, values, and the pivotal roles of Volunteers, community members, and local leaders
  • Human Center Design and Asset Based Community Development models and the role of DPs in these practices.
  • The role of the CorpsAfrica Volunteer: Emphasizing Volunteer responsibilities and how DPs can provide support.
  • CorpsAfrica’s M&E processes: Detailing monitoring and evaluation processes and how DPs can assist Volunteers in data collection.
  • Introduction to the Innovator’s Compass: Demonstrating its use in solving community problems.

Discussions on enhancing collaboration yielded several ideas:

  • Integrating income-generating activities in Volunteers’ PST: Empowering Volunteers to strengthen household income.
  • Sharing monthly reports: Facilitating a better common understanding of Volunteer projects.
  • Collaborating at all partnership stages: Especially during Volunteers’ introductory meetings in host communities.
  • Engaging DPs in M&E efforts: Addressing gaps and improving project outcomes.
  • Revising the MOU: Adapting it to the current reality and ensuring clearly defined roles.

The training evaluation results showed a high level of appreciation, with DPs requesting training for all their staff on HCD and designing programs with lasting community impact. The feedback underscores a strong commitment to improving collaboration and effectiveness in CorpsAfrica’s initiatives.



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