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CorpsAfrica Black

CorpsAfrica Black is a new initiative that positions CorpsAfrica Volunteers as part of the solution to financial literacy in rural in Africa and beyond. The low-cost initiative focuses on empowering communities through financial education in general so Volunteers can serve as a resource to facilitate valuable financial life skills, educate about a culture of transparency and accountability through trainings and capacity development tools. By living and serving in rural communities, Volunteers will serve as a resource to address the access to banks and/or lines of credit adapted to
low-income economies in rural communities through implementing community saving groups.

The CorpsAfrica Black initiative includes efforts to formalize local groups with financial management systems including bank accounts opening in order to promote strong and inclusive organizations at community level. CorpsAfrica also recognizes that transparency and accountability are key values and a necessity for community-led sustainable development.

CorpsAfrica Black Projects

In 2022, 54% of the projects facilitated by Volunteers in Morocco, Senegal, Malawi and Rwanda concerns the sector of economic development, and include training and capacity-building for local groups on financial management by developing tools to track and report expenditure of project funds, budgeting, setting up systems and procedures for renewing the management team to develop a culture of transparency, opening bank accounts for communities ensuring to obtain legal registrations for community organizations and initiating community savings groups for economic empowerment.

Thoza Carpentry and Joinery Youth Skills

CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Chiukepo Mwenechanya implemented the Thoza Carpentry and Joinery Youth Skills project in Thoza Village. 

Kachindankho Soap Production

CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Angella Chizimba helped her community to execute the Kachindankho Soap Production Upscale project in Mkwachi village. 

Market Gardening

CorpsAfrica/Senegal Volunteer Hameth Ndoye worked with his community in Cabrousse village to revamp the women’s Market Garden. 

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CorpsAfrica addresses two of Africa’s most difficult challenges: creating opportunities for youth and helping rural communities overcome extreme poverty and build resilience. We recruit motivated volunteers to live and work in remote, low-income areas in their own countries. They collaborate with the community to design and implement small-scale projects that address their top priorities and by doing so gain the skills and experience that lay the foundation for personal and professional success.

CorpsAfrica trusts youth and rural communities to help each other.