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Crossing the Finish Line

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Ms. Vanessa Chimutu

When I first came to my site in February 2016, I was nervous, taking myself for my family and friends.  It was so hard in the beginning to adjust to the new environment.  But with the assistance from my host family, the school, as well as the community members, it got better. From the start of my service, I was skeptical about how we are to manage staying in the community, but little by little I began to understand the community and the customs of the place I was living in. With time, I formed friendships through interactions with different people.  I began to feel more comfortable and worked on projects more efficiently.
​From working with the girls at Nsala secondary school to the children at the nursery school, I have so many memorable experiences with the community. I truly believe the projects done in my community would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the strength and support of the CorpsAfrica staff, which pushed me to make everything work. The nursery school proved to be the biggest challenge, we ran out of materials and did not have transport to get more materials. But with a lot of determination, a lot of the challenges were removed and it was a success to see the people light up in the community after finishing the project.
I am very thankful, for the opportunity to attest to my abilities, and also to explore and grow professionally. It feels so unreal to be finally finished with service, all I can say is thank you CorpsAfrica for believing in me and helping me cross the finish line.


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