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Dreams of a Malawian Child

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Mr. Silvester Kunkeyani

The Malawian child is a symbol of hope for the glory and future of this nation. The Malawian child dreams of becoming a doctor, pilot, president, or other prominent professional, as we see them on TV or read about them in the papers or magazines. They dream of a country free of ravaging hunger, and corruption, and a better enabling environment that will make them realize those positive burning desires.

But, how can the dreams of a Malawian child become a reality when they cannot boast of an enabling environment? How can we convince the Malawian child that has a dazzling future when surrounded by rich criminals, who amass wealth through dubious means? Are we deceiving ourselves, or destroying the fate of our future leaders?

Our education system in Malawi has always had the deficiency of possibilities coupled by limited opportunities. How do we encourage high school/secondary graduates to enter into university by putting in place a good policy to loan them money when only a few of those selected enjoy the benefits of such policies, leaving thousands of others helpless? The best thing we can do as a developing country in Africa is not change people, but review the failed and bogus policies that we have put in place.  The youth and children of Malawi are the resources that need to be explored. This is the time for the human resources of Malawi to be given notice. Sometimes- precisely at the moments when our formal education and capitalist upbringing directs us towards selfish decisions- we should use our hearts to direct us towards actions that transcend commonness, and choose to use our talents and blessings to end the suffering of our fellow people. This is Malawi, home to the youngest population in the world.

Since the end of colonization, never have we had such tangible potential. And never have we been as ready as we are today; to lead as individuals, making conscious decisions every day to empower our children, who are the only hope for this continent.

Malawi could have been a better place, but because of the selfishness of some individuals we are now seen as ‘backbenchers’ when it comes to development rating. Why? Is it that Malawi does not have the resources to make it progress? No, in my opinion, it’s not. Instead, it seems we are not picturing the dreams of the prospective future leaders and future generation. Malawi must start preparing for the best leadership, yes! We will get there and we will keep our dreams alive. We will always remember we are proud of our homeland. The dreams of a Malawian child live on forever.


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