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I Am a Knight: Inside the Knight Family

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Mr. Jolex Chicco Kaudama 

Everyone can freely share about everything. The fears, the stories, the joys, the sorrows, the new culture, the language, the food… It is good to meet again. Good to be encouraged by family members who are facing similar challenges and experiences. Good to get applause from the success stories, projects, and any other accomplishments so far. Family time is at times an emotional one. We experience streams of tears from the fountain top of everyone’s eyes. Of course, these are tears of joy, yes tears of laughter, and maybe tears of pride for embarking on this life-changing adventure. An adventure not to live on your own but for others as well. An adventure to serve. This is part of the family time we are having as Cohort 5 of CorpsAfrica Malawi Volunteers also known as the Knights.

Down the memory lane…

After being deployed to communities as CorpsAfrica Malawi Volunteers in November 2021, the integration process followed. Settling in a new community away from home could not be simple and easy for anyone in our Cohort 5 team. After four months down the line of service was time for the first in-service training (IST 1). It was time to connect again with my fellow Knights and share experiences. I was prepared to share my stories and encounters from my site. I looked forward to sharing the success stories and challenges just as I wanted to hear and learn from others.

More to the IST 1 is a bond that has been sealed amongst my fellow Volunteers and the Malawi Africa staff. Tell me of a great hardworking and vibrant team with high work ethics and I will show you the CorpsAfrica Malawi staff. The training content was well prepared and delivered. I can confidently say that I am more geared and ready to serve my community more efficiently. Our maintenance activity to wrap up the training was a trip to the most beautiful lake with fresh water, Lake Malawi. The fun, the games, the view, and of course my favorite part, the food were all amazing and refreshing.

Back to my community…

Now, I am back to my beloved site as we continue to redefine development by designing community-led projects with community-led solutions. My mind is at peace, and my strength keeps getting stronger for I know I belong to a big clan of CorpsAfrica, and my family is called The Family where my safety is safe. I am a Knight!


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