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Little Children Need Love Too

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Ms. Vanessa Chimutu

Now that I have about a month to finish my service as a Volunteer with CorpsAfrica, I sat down and started to reflect on everything that has happened during my stay in Lambulilra village. The most exciting part about being here was the introduction of the kids at the nursery school to me. It was such an amazing moment to see their beautiful smiles and faces light up. After a lot of research and community meetings, it turned out I would be also working a lot with these wonderful souls on a nursery finishing project.

The reason why the community and I decided to work on finishing the nursery school, was because there was a major dropout rate at the school due to the condition of the school, lack of cement made children sit on a dusty floor, where they were vulnerable to a lot of illness such as coughs and colds. With so many reasons in play, we decided to finish construction of the nursery school. Thus far the first phase of the project was success.

My service has had its milestones, from the girls’ chats at Nsala community day secondary school, to the HCD Training with the Village development committee and also teaching at the school. Bu the most exciting thing that l look forward to is to see the final construction touches of the nursery school project done. Despite the hiccups such as the rains coming sooner than expected and continuing the project at a later stage, I definitely believe this school will be finished and will attract more children to come learn at the school, as the goal and main aim is to enhance early childhood education since it gives a strong basis for primary school level.

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