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The Best of It’s Life

Written by CorpsAfrica/Malawi Volunteer Ms. Funny Maseya

Silent in voice but so loud!
The best definition of a tortoise, does it exist?
Covered in the glory of beauty
Which only the wise can see
Selfless, patient and meek
If only it was a plant
It could have had beautified our land

When she gets lonely she wonders along
When she gets hungry she fetches alone
When she gets tired she rests in the hat
The hat that is full of peace
The peace that only the visionary eyes can see

No one can define her motion
Neither can explain her action
You don’t know where she is coming from
And neither where she faces to go
Nor what happened on her way

If you never had wise mind
The eyes not could see
And the heart could not learn
That company doesn’t mean security always
And there is no difference between love and peace

Try to ask the tortoise one day
She meets a lot through her way
Being stoned, bullied by kids, no food
But have you ever met a crying tortoise
So loud, aggressive and angry
To the point of biting?

Learn to build all your roads alone
Learn to accept defeats with a head up
Learn to be silent even if it needs a loud cry
Learn to endure
Because in oneself, you are strong

The road may seem too bumpy and rough
But forget that they exist
And what so ever blocked the way
Forget that it happened
Just like a tortoise
Never change your pace

Slowly going towards the dream
Never lose focus for silly jokes
The more you meet
The greater you see yourself grow
Experience is the best teacher

The life of a tortoise
Thus the best of it
So will I, try too to be the best of mine
Silent in voice, but so loud
With a greater voice
Like a rolling lion in action.


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